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Service Offerings | Sternberg Strategic Communications

Service Offerings

Brand Development & Messaging

We consider ourselves linguistic architects, as we help build our clients messages. The messages created are the foundation to developing a strong and compelling brand and we work with our clients to deliver a robust and sturdy communications infrastructure.

Content Development

If messages are the foundation to developing a brand, then the content surrounding those messages are the furniture. We help furnish our clients communications materials - web site, brochures, sales decks, etc. - with handcrafted and sturdy content.

Thought Leadership

In order for companies to grow, they need to exert influence over decision-makers and tactics like bylined articles, op-eds and blogger discussions help build a favorable perception. We work with our clients to place their ideas in front of those targeted audiences who will use their services and products.

Media Relations

An important way of telling our clients' stories is through the media. We have found continued success in placing clients in strategic publications; publications reaching the right audience for our clients.

Executive Visibility

It is important for companies to consistently engage their audiences in dialogue, to listen as well as to speak. We help position our clients as industry leaders by selecting the right opportunities for them to present their ideas; whether it's a trade show or exclusive round-table discussion, we prep our clients all the way from speech writing to speech rehearsals.

Social Marketing

Companies have to be cognizant that everyone these days is simultaneously a journalist and a potential, if not current, ambassador for their brand. We will navigate you through the social sphere and help you engage and interact with bloggers, mavens and lovers of your brand.

Issues Management

Sometimes events transpire that can negatively affect a company or brand’s reputation. We have experience helping companies when a crisis emerges, but more importantly develop and implement plans and procedures before potential issues arise. By having these plans, if and when a crisis does occur, we help lead you to the most effective response and recovery.